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YouTube is Changing Our Culture for the Best.

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For all the bashing that capitalism has been taking from the younger generations, I find it interesting it is still find new and interesting ways to improve their lives. YouTube has begun incentivizing creators with more money and better systems for getting it to them – and as expected this type of incentive has created a number of results – but has overall clearly added benefit to mankind as a whole. Though people will buy YouTube views to try and get in on the cash grab, or post sensational videos (clickbait) just to garner views- it has also led to an explosion of educational and entertaining content.

Political commentators from all sides of the spectrum now have a platform from which to exercise a much truer form of free speech than what the media was offering prior – there are even a slew of truly passionate scientists who have taken this opportunity to create fantastic educational videos that have made a good chunk of educational materials obsolete.

YouTube (even much to their chagrin it seems at times) has created a real public marketplace of ideas, one never before seen in human history. Germans and Brits make poignant commentary about U.S. elections that gain more traction than CNN. Atheists and Religious leaders will hold 3 hour long debates in the public eye.

Though money will always attract those looking to make a quick buck, and services that let people buy YouTube views may try and facilitate that, the fact that actual creators are able to resonate with large sections of the population – and have found a platform that patronizes them – is truly something beautiful. Although a slew of ridiculous and petty videos come to mind as I say this – it may be one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of human social interaction, and therefore civilization. Que the puking dog video.